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Welcome To Om Ham Retreat & Resort, Ubud - Bali

Your self healing journey starts here

One of Bali’s unique holistic retreat, infused with love, good intention, and tangible energy by Guru Ketut Arsana. It is a perfect place to recharge positive energy in an awe-inspiring and natural environment.

Om Ham was established based on Ashram Munivara’s vision and mission, which is to help people find their true selves through holy knowledge, puja, yoga, meditation, holy song, etc. Master Ketut Arsana was planned to build Ashram Munivara at the place where Om Ham stands today. However, because of some reasons, Ashram Munivara was built at another place which is not so far from Om Ham itself. At Ashram, people (called as Bhakta) are taught about how they should face their life now and in the future by the holy knowledge that flowed by Siwa through Master Ketut Arsana. Based on Ashram’s vision and mission, Master Ketut Arsana was planned to build Om Ham because not all people can go to the Ashram or want to go to Ashram.

Om Ham was built as the second way to help people in finding their true selves by serving them the Om Ham’s retreat programs, such as yoga class, meditation, healing, also a chance to have a life and spiritual consultation with Master Ketut Arsana. Besides that, Om Ham itself also provides a healthy and organic food as well as beverage which serves in Om Ham’s restaurant. Almost all of the ingredients in Om Ham’s kitchen and restaurant are taken from our own organic garden. It is also to give a healing for the guests who are coming to Om Ham. Om Ham is identical with its Ganesha statue which stands right in the centre of Om Ham’s yard. The meaning of the Ganesha statue itself is as a symbol of life and holy knowledge which comes from Ardhanareswari (siwa and parvati).

Why Retreat With Us?

Retreat literally means “ to withdraw” it would be inwardly focused, a major disconnect from daily busy life. Our personal retreat program is focusing on stretch and strengthens the body, clearer the mind and calm the spirit. At OM HAM you can check in any day and design your own retreat experience with our hands-on team.

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Clearer The Mind & Calm The Spirit

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