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Loving Your Life Retreat

When you arrive at the Om Ham Retreat & Resort leave your anxieties and worries at the door, a mix of yoga, meditation and therapy sessions will wash away any negativity and make you feel brand new. During this five-day retreat, the program lets you be whisked away to a place of unrequited love and relaxation. Wrap yourself in the soothing aromas of lavender, vetiver, or sandalwood with our oil burner and fragrance pillow spray, providing your mind and body with the tools for a peaceful and full night’s sleep.



  • Learn new tips and tricks by attending motivational talks by Master Ketut Arsana
  • An emotional awakening through yoga Asana and breathing techniques
  • Unburden your mind with meditation and therapy sessions
  • Awaken your senses and ignite your chakras through daily yoga sessions.
  • Help create a new routine or improve overall well-being.


Join us to build a life you always want to live in.

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What people say about Loving Your Life Retreat

“Just what the body and soul needed!”

I left the place feeling so relaxed, in peace, recharged. Yoga was great, the facilities as well, very green, surrounded by rice fields, the staff beyond friendly, everyone remembered my name, food was very delicious, I order the whole menu and every little thing was delicious. The room also very well equipped, clean, great view. The place is like 10 min away from the city center by car but just the fresh air you get at the hotel is worth the commute to downtown. Honestly, this place is a hidden gem! I even extended my stay. Will come back for sure!

Review by Anonymous []
June 7, 2022


You will explore:

Bed Time Ritual

Adapting yourself with a special nighttime ritual that primes you for a night of deep and restful sleep. Started by wearing your favorite and comfort pajama, writing down all the thoughts you had along the day, planning your to-do list for tomorrow, calming your brain and your heart with special chamomile tea served, meditating and praying, turn off all devices and lights, and finally laying down your head on to special pillow with lavender essence. Making those sequences as part of your nightly routine will help you drift off to dreamland and score the restorative sleep your body needs.


Ubud Village Tour

Dare to be alone; take your bag and withdraw some money, heading to Ubud center and get ready for shopping! Joining the crowd in the heart of Ubud, finding the best goods you could possibly find as a present for your dearest one, take a break in a local restaurant or just enjoy a cup of coffee and yummy cake. Enjoy the busiest activity without constantly checking your social media, just watching the ‘real’ people, and remember to capture the moment.



Massages and Beauty Bath

Laying down on the clean sheets, our therapist will give you a heavenly YajJarta therapy with their hands, using yogurt instead of oil to help and renew the skin cells, resulting in freshness and healthier skin. After relaxing massage with our signature yogurt body treatment, soak in an enchanting flower bath. Try another bath treatment such as Detox Treatment which will detoxify the body and revitalize your skin with a relaxing massage followed by salt scrub. Then relax in a salt and medicinal herbal bath while you meditate to release all toxins in your body and mind. Indulging your spa treatments with Rejuvenating Facial, a deep facial cleansing treatment using organic products made from herbs, flowers, plants, spices, and fruits. This treatment is a pressure point facial massage and finished with a shoulder massage.


And that’s just the beginning.

Your investment includes:

  • Healthy Meals (Daily healthy breakfast, 3x Lunch, 3x Dinner)
  • 4x Kundalini Tantra Yoga Class
  • 1x Sound Healing Meditation
  • 2x Sunrise Walking around village
  • Signature Treatment (1x YajJarta Yogurt Massage, 1x Rejuvenating Facial, 1x Rejuvenate Bath)
  • Ubud Village Tour
  • Free 1x Airport Pick Up / Drop Off
  • Retreat gift
  • Deep Sleep Ritual to Relax your mind before going to bed
  • Retreat assistance during stay
  • Consultation with the Master (based on availability)

Is the Loving Your Life Retreat right for you?

If you are looking to find a new routine, something that will make you feel more at peace with yourself and the world around you then the Loving Your Life Retreat is the best place for you.


If you are:

  • Hoping to learn new yoga techniques and ignite your chakras
  • Lacking energy and need to flush the system by making dietary changes
  • A lifelong learner looking for a new challenge
  • Looking for better ways to make major decisions and think critically
  • Feeling unmotivated and not sure how to get moving again
  • Wanting to resolve issues or burning questions you have that are holding you back
  • Searching for an escape from normality


What the Loving Your Life Retreat is not:

A prescriptive program where you will find all the answers you seek. This is a launchpad for your own self-discovery. We will give you the tools you need to take the journey yourself and chart your own course for change. Therapy or a place to come if you are struggling with mental illness. This program could be too intense if you are working through a delicate trauma and we cannot offer the one-on-one support you may need. If you would like some advice about your suitability please contact our staff. 


Your investment: IDR 7,999,000/pax


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