Do you breathe correctly all this time?

Life is a gift from the supreme energy, God. Life is full of options, and we have to choose the best for us. Life is just like riding a bicycle, if we are just sitting on it, it will not move, sculling is needed to make a move. Life is not only about an option, and movement, but do you know what is the key of life? Before going to the key of life, do you know what is the goal of life? All you may have the same answer. Happiness. 

Happiness in your life could be defined when you achieve something you’ve dreamed, either something you could see or something invisible you could feel. How could you achieve something you’ve dreamed of? The effort is the most important to get what you want to get because we all know that the result will never betray the efforts. On the other hand; how could you make an effort? Definitely you could do everything you want if you are in a good condition. Having good spirit, being motivated, and the most important is physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy.

Most of the people couldn’t realize that those aspects are affecting each other. As we mentioned, the most important is physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. People are just aware about physical health. Remember, your body consists of your mind, your body itself, and your soul. Therefore, the three points could not be separated and go through inline. There are many ways to keep healthy. Such as healthy food, hygiene and cleanliness, and breathing. 

Why breathing ? 

Breathing is uncommon practice for all the people to keep healthy. Yet, breathing brings an impact in our life. It isn’t just breathing, the huge impacts brought by the way we breathe. Definitely the conscious breathing. As we all know, our body needs oxygen, either for the respiratory systems, or blood circulation. Generally, most of the people just realize that breathing is only inhaling and exhaling. Don’t you know that the unconscious breathing brings you to negative impact slowly, it could be the malfunction of the brain, holding up the blood circulation, and the worst is overtaken by death.

There are two basic techniques of breathing, specifically the breathing technique called Pranayama. Those two techniques are Bhastrika Pranayama and Kapalbhati/Kapalabhati Pranayama or the technique also known as the breath of fire.

Bhastrika Pranayama is a breathing technique which focuses on both exhalation and inhalation rapidly with force. The benefits of Bhastrika Pranayama are breaking the oxygenation block, restoring nerves and the motor system, re-energize the body and the mind, good for stress and depression release, great for the respiratory system, preventing cough and flu, and strengthening immunity.

How to do Bhastrika Pranayama for beginners? First, we just need to find a comfortable place and sit in a comfortable asana pose. After that, keep the head and spine straight, close the eyes and relax. Next step is take a deep breath in forcefully through the nose. Immediately exhale with the same force. It should be done with abdominal breathing. The abdomen moves out during inhalation, while the diaphragm descends. The converse happens while exhaling. Do the forcefully breathing until you make a strong nasal sound will accompany such breathing repeatedly.

The other technique is Kapalbhati/Kapalabhati Pranayama. Kapalbhati Pranayama is a breathing technique which focuses on rapid exhalation only with high force. This breathing technique essentially mimics sneezing and the stomach involvement is important. The benefits of this Pranayama are cleanses and stabilize lungs and respiratory system, strengthens diaphragm and abdominal muscles, releases toxins in the body, increases oxygen to cells, purifying blood and accelerates blood circulation, improves digestion, and energizes and clears mind and good for meditation. 

  To do Kapalbhati Pranayama, we need to sit comfortably in an asana pose with our head and spine in a straight position. After that, take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Followed by a deep inhale through the nose, fulfill the belly with air, next, quickly, forcefully exhale from the lungs while drawing the navel in toward the spine. The primary movement is from the diaphragm. And then let the lungs fill up naturally effortless as your belly expands. Repeat these cycles of 10 movements, 3 to 4 times.

That are the simple ways to be healthy that a lot of people are not wise up yet. From conciousity, we start to breathe. From the breathing techniques, we get the health of physical, mental and emotional, and start everything.