A holistic healing touch

A wellknown Ubud Bodyworks Centre amidst here at OM HAM. Mahatma therapist Master Ketut Arsana extended his personal touch to allow more people to get the real bodywork experience. He created special healing and massage techniques aimed at enhancing and promoting health and wellbeing.

The technique is a combination of Ayurveda and Bali Usadha Tratments. Each treatment is focused on balancing, revitalizing and rejuvenating the lympathic system; allowing the body to feel lighter, and brighter, and clear the mind. It will also enhance our immune system.

Bodywork Spirit is the pure heart of Om Ham Retreat

Our signature beauty treatment immerses you in a pure sensory healing experience from detoxify into purify. Lift up with glowing skin and shinny hair trough our signature Bali Usadha and certified organic face product.

Rejuvenating Facial Rp.250,000 (60 mt)
First Love Organic Facial Rp.300,000 (60 mt)
Radiance Facial Rp.350,000 (60 mt)
Detoxifying Face Treatment Rp.450,000 (60 mt)
Hair Spa Rp.250,000 (60 mt)
Scalp Treatment Rp.250,000 (60 mt)
Adds On treatment:    
Hair Wash and Blow Dry Rp.125,000  
Manicure Rp.115,000  
Pedicure Rp.145.000  
Nail Coloring Rp.50,000  

Selection of body massage to relieve tension, and promote blood circulation

YajJarta (Yoghurt Massage) Rp.320,000 (90mt)
Relaxation lymphatic drainage massage using yoghurt instead of oil
Bodyworks Therapy Rp.275,000 (60mt)
Strong massage incorporating meredien point accupresure and yogic streching
Relaxation Therapy Rp.230,000 (60mt)
Gentle massage technique to relieve tensions and promote blood circulation.
Your session will begin with sound healing to harmonize the energy within
Skandha Rp.230,000 (45mt)
Special healing massage focusing on neck, shoulder, and spine using
a hot oil dripping along the spine
Ayatha Rp.180,000 (45mt)
Delightful reflexology treatment begins with salt water and galangal
foot therapy treatment

Indulge yourself with one of the following body treatment selections, each of which includes a relaxing massage, scrub, body mask, and floral bath

Lympatic Boreh Rp.375,000 (90 mt)
Our signature lymphatic treatment using a mediherbal
scrub formulated by Master Ketut Arsana
Exfoliation Massage Rp.345,000 (90 mt)
A relaxing body treatment with Javanese heritage spice (lulur)
Detox Treatment Rp.345,000 (90 mt)
Detox body treatment using a salt scrub and salt herbal bath
Rejuvenate bath Rp.345,000 (90 mt)
An indulgance milk bath treatment for glowing and freshes skin
Aromatic Massage Rp.345,000 (90 mt)
Special treatment for cleanse the respiratory system,
relaxation and stress relief

Tantalize your senses with the following ultimate indulgence.
The following treatments are specially designed for a person who is seeking a full treatment to pamper body, mind and soul!!

Jet Lag Remedy Rp.510,000 (150 mt)
YajJarta Ritual Rp.510,000 (150 mt)
Hot Lymphatic Rp.550,000 (150 mt)
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